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The Law Office of Orlando Zambrano is dedicated to providing you with aggressive, personalized and specialized legal representation. Our firm was formed after Mr. Zambrano gained invaluable experience representing clients for several years. We have the experience you can count on when you have been injured!  AGGRESIVE, when someone hurt you or your loved one, you need an aggressive attorney to fight for you. PERSONALIZED , we never forget that this is your case, your story and most of all your injuries. We will take the time to listen to you and make sure that those responsible pay for your injuries.  SPECIALIZED, we know who and what we are, a Texas Personal Injury Law Office. That is who we are and fighting for our injured clients is what we do. 

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The Law Office of Orlando Zambrano is committed to answering your questions about Car Crashes, 18-Wheeler Crashes, Slip and Falls, On The Job Injuries, Medical Malpractice and Dog Bites in Texas.

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